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Aug. 25th, 2031 04:50 pm
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How am I doing with Aqua? Good? Bad? Passable, but...?

Is there any crit you can give me, anything you would like to plot or do you just want to talk?

Well then, just hit me here or over AIM, okay? ~<3

Anon and screening is on; IP-logging is off.
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Under Construction!
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#01 - Comfort: It's a warm glow against her hand, in her heart, bonds stretched thin, but never broken - the only comfort left in the Darkness of this realm.

#02 - Kiss: It's a gesture meant from men to women, for princesses or queens or ladies, but Aqua is non of that; all above she is a guardian of balance, a knight (with shining armor even) and so she kneels humbly before those she's glad to swear loyalty to, a fragile hand in her own, her breath graving over the skin as she bows her head.

#03 - Soft: She loves the feeling of silk against her skin, the way loose dresses look on her, but most beautiful cloth is not made for training or fighting and so she keeps them for the so very few occasions she has the chance to put them on.

#04 - Pain: Her hand clenches around the Wayfinder, metal edges biting into her palm, but it's nothing against the pain in her heart, the pain caused by Ventus's accusation - she's only ever meant to protect them after all.

#05 - Potatoes: This part of kitchen duty isn't exactly her favorite - she doubts it is anyone's - but it's simple enough, just a flicker of the knife against the still warm potato, skin pealing off quickly and easily, before she adds the potato to the pile.

#06 - Rain: It's a steady fall of tiny, light drops that remind her so much of her home (her old home; the Master had said this place was her new home now), and despite the other boy's (Terra?) frown and Master Eraqus' call to at least take a jacket with her, she can't help but run outside as she is, barefoot and sleeveless, arms wide as she laughs and turns and dances to greet the first spring rain.

#10 - Ears: The cone is cold against her hands, the fruity taste of strawberries filling her mouth, dark chocolate melting a little as she pulls free one the ears, and she smiles - this Royalberry ice-cream is really quite delicious.

#16 - Weakness: If she has any weakness, then surely it is them - the boy she had known for most her life and the boy they both had come to love like their younger brother - the boys, the friends, she is forever and always connected to, who she will always protect, no matter the costs.

#17 - Tears: She's thought she's shed all tears, that all the time she has spent fighting, spent wandering the dark would have left her void of of sadness or joy, and yet now they return as hope rises in her chest, all at the sound of the name of a child she once had met.

#34 - Lightning/Thunder: She presses her lips together as she concentrates - keeping the best to keep her face void of any excitement she might be feeling (but still, it is a new type of magic the Master is teaching them today - how could she not be looking forward to that at least a tiny bit) - eyes closing as she uses her practice blade as focus point to channel the spell, just like Master Eraqus had told them to.
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Like all Wielders of her generation, Aqua has the ability to sense the Light and/or Darkness within a Heart and can also identify the primary feeling connected to it in most cases (it works somewhat like low-level empathy). What I would like to know is: How is your character's Heart alligned; do they have a Heart in first place and if not, what would Aqua sense of them and would she sense anything in first place?

Please note that Hearts of pure Light/pure Darkness are incredibly rare in Kingdom Hearts canon. There are only eight cases of pure Light and only one with pure Darkness known in game, so while I know of course that there are plenty of pure light/dark characters in other fandoms, if you think that your character deserves to be rated 1/10, please also leave a reason why you consider them to be that.

Thank you!
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